Crypto News Summary (11th Jan 2024)

Analysts Foresee a Shift in Crypto Dominance amid ETF Approvals

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, the past 24 hours have been particularly noteworthy, setting up the stage for significant shifts in market dynamics and investor focus. From expert predictions on Bitcoin’s valuation to Ethereum’s potential rise as the new leader, combined with landmark ETF approvals, the landscape of digital currencies is witnessing the interplay of optimism, caution, and regulatory advancement. Here’s a glance at the three key news stories that have shaped the crypto discourse in the last day.

Economist Alex Krüger Believes Bitcoin’s Rise May Be Limited

Noted economist Alex Krüger has aired a sentiment that may resonate with the concerns of Bitcoin investors. He speculated that the upside to Bitcoin’s valuation might be nearing its peak, suggesting a possible plateau in its growth trajectory. According to TheDailyHodl, Krüger hints at investor interest pivoting towards Ethereum, a shift that could redefine the longstanding Bitcoin dominance in the crypto market.

SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci Foresees a $12 Trillion Bitcoin Market Cap

In stark contrast to Krüger’s cautious stance, SkyBridge Capital’s Anthony Scaramucci paints a far more bullish picture for Bitcoin. He projects an ambitious increase in Bitcoin’s market capitalization to the tune of $12 trillion, more than a tenfold leap from its current standing. As reported by TheDailyHodl, such a surge would be monumental, solidifying Bitcoin’s position as a heavyweight asset class in the financial world.

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Criticizes Agency’s Delay on Bitcoin ETFs

On the regulatory front, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is finally warming up to Bitcoin ETFs. Following years of reticence, the agency has permitted the trading of spot Bitcoin ETFs. However, SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce believes this move should have come much sooner. As Decrypt reports, Peirce criticized the SEC for squandering a decade with their rejections, suggesting that rigid regulatory procedures may have inhibited earlier market growth and innovation.


The last 24 hours in crypto news have provided investors and enthusiasts with much to consider. While expert opinions on Bitcoin’s future valuation may differ, the growing acceptance of Bitcoin through the advent of ETFs marks a significant development for institutional adoption. These stories collectively suggest a period of transition and growing maturity in the crypto market, with potential implications for both its volatility and long-term investment strategies.

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