Crypto News Summary (10th Jan 2024)


In the last 24 hours, the crypto market has experienced a rollercoaster of events that have left investors and enthusiasts alike grappling with news that could significantly impact the future of digital currencies. The developments have centered around a highly anticipated financial product that could bridge the gap between traditional investment and the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency: the Bitcoin spot ETF. Here, we delve into two pivotal news stories that have shaped the crypto discourse within this short span of time.

Initial Confusion as the SEC “Retracts” Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval

Yesterday evening, the crypto community was left in disarray as the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission (US SEC) appeared to backtrack on a major announcement regarding the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs. This flip-flop in decision-making added uncertainty to the market, leaving investors questioning the regulatory climate and its implications for the future of such financial products. As it turned out, the X (Twitter) account of the SEC was hacked and the ETF approval was not official.

Official Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs

But today enthusiasm had peaked when reports confirmed that the US SEC had greenlit several applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs from some of the world’s most prominent asset managers. This marked a historic moment as, until now, such products faced a notorious string of rejections by the regulatory body. The initial approval signaled a potential shift in the regulatory landscape and was thought to pave the way for broader institutional adoption of cryptocurrency-based investment tools.


The official approval for the Bitcoin Spot ETF is great, but it will be important to see if there will be enough capital inflow into the ETF products. Trading could start tomorrow so we will see.

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