We Have Watched, We Have Waited – Now We Act

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Welcome to a deep dive into the IX-Pro Portfolio, as we approach its second anniversary. Today, we stand at a pivotal moment, questioning whether it’s time to reap our investments or reposition ourselves for future opportunities. Understanding our place in the market is crucial for making informed decisions. So, let’s unravel the complexities of the current market landscape, leveraging on-chain data to guide our analysis.

Current Market Situation

Let’s have a close look at the market, leveraging on-chain data points.

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Entering The Euphoria Zone

Bitcoin has broken to new all-time-highs relative to the USD this week, clearing the $69.2k level, and rallying over $72.3k. If we only consider the major breaks above the prior cycle ATH, this would be the fourth new cycle ATH in history.

In this edition, we will examine this phase shift into the ‘Euphoria Zone’ which tends to accompany new ATHs. From an on-chain data perspective, this moment has historically triggered a distinct shift in investor behaviour patterns, particularly in the relative balance between HODLers and the Speculator cohorts.

The price is not the only metric to have recently reached a new ATH. The Bitcoin Realized Cap, being a measure of the total wealth stored in BTC on-chain, has also marched to set a new high of $504B, adding over $40B in capital inflows since 1-March alone.

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