Crypto Market Update (28th Feb 2024)

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The crypto market has recently experienced significant volatility, with Bitcoin reaching a peak of over $64,000 before falling $5,000 to $59,000, causing $2 billion of open interest to be liquidated within minutes. This rapid change has highlighted the potential for swift and dramatic price movements in the market. Altcoins have shown mixed performance, with some lagging behind Bitcoin’s gains. The current focus on Bitcoin has driven its dominance to over 53%, and the market is closely watching the potential for new highs, surpassing the 2021 record. Various indicators and drivers of the current rally are being scrutinized, as well as institutional interest demonstrated by substantial inflows into Bitcoin ETFs. The ongoing debate revolves around whether Bitcoin will promptly break the previous all-time high or encounter resistance.

Key Points

Below I have summarised the most important updates and an outlook for the market.

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