Crypto News Summary (16th Mar 2024)

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, the last 24 hours have brought significant developments that have rippled through the market. From dog-themed tokens making bold strides to potential ETF game-changers and the surprising correlations to website outages, these stories have the potential to reshape investor perspectives and market trajectories. Let’s delve into the three most poignant news items that have captured the crypto community’s attention.

Major Exchange Listing Shakes Up Dog-Themed Token Landscape

DOGAMÍ ($DOGA) is on the cusp of taking a significant leap forward in the crypto market. According to sources close to Crypto Intelligence, the announcement of DOGAMÍ’s token, $DOGA, being listed on a top 5 centralised exchange (CEX), is imminent. This development is expected to drive the token’s price upwards, as the CEX listing would grant $DOGA broad exposure and could entice tens of thousands of new investors. With a relatively small market cap of $5.2 million, DOGAMÍ distinguishes itself from other dog-themed tokens like Shiba Inu ($SHIB) and Dogecoin ($DOGE), each of which has been struggling recently in comparison. This news signals a potential shift in the meme token sub-sector, where $DOGA could emerge as a new player to watch.

Bitcoin’s Troublesome Tumble to $65,000

The precarious nature of the cryptocurrency market has once again been highlighted as Bitcoin experienced a dive in value, crashing down to the $65,000 level. NewsBTC reported a harrowing end to the week for the flagship cryptocurrency, where bearish sentiments seemed to prevail. The downturn in inflows to Bitcoin spot ETFs has fueled concern amongst investors about the short-term stability of the market. As the keystone of the cryptocurrency world takes a hit, its sway over the market mood cannot be underestimated, often leading to wider implications across various digital assets.

VanEck’s Bold Prediction for Ethereum ETFs

Amid the news of Bitcoin’s price woes, forward-looking statements about Ethereum’s place in the investment world have emerged. Cryptopotato highlighted Kanade’s, from investment firm VanEck, audacious assertion that Ethereum ETFs have the potential to outperform Bitcoin funds. Citing a 50% likelihood of the SEC offering its approval, this perspective points to a burgeoning belief in Ethereum’s promise as an institutional-grade investment product that could rival Bitcoin’s current dominance. The market’s reaction to this news will be telling, as investors grapple with the idea of a potential shift in ETF favorability.


The unfolding stories from the past 24 hours present a mixed bag of optimism and caution for the cryptocurrency market. DOGAMÍ’s impending listing on a top CEX hints at an upcoming surge for $DOGA, potentially reshuffling the deck among doge-based tokens. Bitcoin’s descent to $65,000 raises alarms about market volatility, while speculation about an imminent surge in Ethereum ETFs hints at a possible new era of crypto-finance. Collectively, these developments underscore the fluid state of the market and the importance of staying abreast of the latest news to navigate the crypto seas effectively.

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